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LEARN (Leaders Equipping And Resourcing Network) Global recognizes the need for spiritual development in every Christian believer's life. To assist in this development, responsibility leans on church leaders to teach accurate biblical doctrine so that the church will imitate Jesus Christ both within the local and international context.

However, in many parts of the world poverty, unstable politics, along with the growth of false teaching, has increased the challenge for the church leader. LEARN Global aims to assist in developing and resourcing church leaders so that they can teach and explain the Bible accurately and confidently. LEARN Global, therefore, promotes and strengthens effective discipleship through the local Church that will strengthen Christian values in individuals, families, churches, and society as a whole.

Our Work

LEARN Global delivers a bespoke electronic platform designed to advance personal and communal theological development. Operating as Web and Android applications (Apps), the platform allows the scholar to engage with carefully selected Christian resources at their own pace with all the convenience of an e-reader. Other functions include reading plans, multiple Bible versions, Bible dictionaries, sermon creation and much more (read more on the Apps page).

Pastor using LEARN Global resources

LEARN Global recognizes study support is essential and consequently a learner’s progress can be monitored and tested remotely. The platform also protects the copyright of resources through digital encryption along with restricting operation to authorized users.

Our History

LEARN Global Timeline


SIM National Review:

‘The Church in Zimbabwe is hurting due to many heretical religious movements, harsh economic conditions, and an uncertain future…

SIM Zimbabwe should focus on bringing healing to the church and community through life-changing discipleship, paying special attention to: relevant Christian education, empowering youth and children’s ministries, reaching out to vulnerable populations, reaching out to the least reached.'


LEARN Project is birthed to support church leaders in their ministry. Challenges include: identifying relevant required resources, copyright protection, operation, costings, suitable software platform, hardware, delivery.

N. Ireland software developer begins the LEARN Android app to include ebook reader, integrated Bible and reading plans. Securing copyright of resources and viewing of usage data is essential.


LEARN app version 1 is completed and installed on computer tablets. Pilot delivered in two regions in Zimbabwe (Harare and Mutare) to x87 church leaders. Feedback is extremely positive.

LEARN Global becomes a registered limited company and applies for charity status. This enables LEARN Global to offer the best value e.g. bulk buying computer tablets, better delivery rates etc. and ensures more Church leaders benefit from our services.


LEARN app is developed further integrating Bible dictionaries, sermons etc. Web App developed to deliver same features on any Internet-enabled device.

x110 pastor study packs delivered to additional regions in Zimbabwe in March 2020. x400 packs to be issued throughout the year.


Rollouts to Zimbabwe have continued despite the ongoing pandemic. Over fifty church leaders in Mashonaland Central received their electronic study packs earlier this year with sixty more scheduled for the summer.

Our Team

Pack Processing Team

Processing Team Processing Team

Our Beliefs


There is one God who exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the almighty Creator, Saviour, and Judge who governs all things according to His sovereign will and accomplishes His purposes through creation and in the Church to His glory.

The Father

God the Father is the source of all that is good. He initiates creation and redemption which He accomplishes through His Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Son

Jesus Christ, both fully God and fully man, entered history as Saviour of the world. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, and lived an exemplary, sinless life in perfect submission to the Father and in loving relationships with others. He died on a cross, rose bodily, and ascended to heaven where He mediates for His people and is exalted as Lord of all.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit makes the work of Christ effective to sinners, giving spiritual life and placing them into the Church. He indwells all believers, empowers them to love, serve, witness, and obey God, equips them with gifts, and transforms them to be increasingly like Christ.


Humanity is the pinnacle of God's earthly creation, who were created to bear His image, have a relationship with Him, and are the object of His redeeming love. All people have sinned. This results in guilt, death, and alienation from God as well as the defacing of every aspect of human nature. People are unable to save themselves from sin’s penalty and power and from Satan’s dominion.


Christ's sacrificial death, which He willingly bore the punishment due to sinners, is the only and all-sufficient basis of God's provision of salvation for all people of every culture and age which expressed His love and satisfied His justice. By God's grace the repentant sinner, through trusting alone in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, is put right with God, adopted by the Father into His family and receives eternal life


The Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is God's written Word, revealing for all peoples His character and purposes. It is the final authority in all matters relating to belief and behaviour. The Holy Spirit moved the human authors of the Bible so that what they wrote is inspired, fully reliable, and without error in all it affirms.

The Church

The universal Church is made up of all who have placed their trust in Christ’s sacrifice resulting in being born of the Spirit. It finds local expression in communities of believers called by God to worship, fellowship, proclaim the Gospel, and make disciples among all peoples, reflect God’s character, engage in works of compassion, contend for truth and justice, and celebrate baptism and communion.

The Spirit World

The holy angels are personal spirit beings who glorify God, serve Him, and minister to His people. Satan is a spiritual being who was created by God but fell through sin. He, along with other evil spirits, is the enemy of God and humanity, has been defeated by the work of Christ, is subject to God’s authority and faces eternal condemnation.

The Future

The Lord Jesus Christ will visibly return to the earth in glory and accomplish the final triumph over evil. God will make everything new. The dead will be raised and judged. Unbelievers will suffer eternal punishment in separation from God; believers will enter a life of eternal joy in fellowship with God, glorifying Him forever.

Our Publishers & Supporters

LEARN Global works closely with different publishers whose expertise include IT development, book publishing, in-country assistance, and financial aid. We thank them for their support and would like to hear from interested parties who could assist our mission.

Publisher Langham PartnershipPublisher Acts Nigeria  Publisher Africans Teaching Africans Publisher Aset Publisher Biblica  Publisher Myrtlefield House Publisher Ten Publishing Publisher The Good Book Publisher The Gospel Coalition Publisher Truth For Today Publisher Zondervan

Our Partners

LEARN Global looks to work with partners whose desire is to see the church grow as a result of receiving sound biblical teaching. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a LEARN Global partner.

SIM Zimbabwe

Our Commission

The Great Commission of The Lord Jesus Christ commanded to go into all the world (Matthew 28:19-20). Therefore, LEARN Global offers the platform to organizations throughout the world despite the language. As the platform can operate independently of internet access, usage is not confined to internet proficient countries, however, for feedback from users and future updating, limited internet access is required.

At present we are working with the church in the continent of Africa but are actively working towards expanding into eastern Europe and beyond. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a LEARN Global partner.