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    Welcome to Church Leaders LEARN

    Faced with the challenge of prosperity teachings, Islam, other religions, and false cultist teachings awash on the Zimbabwean landscape, the Leaders Equipping and Resourcing Network (LEARN) project aims to resource church leaders so that they can teach and explain the Bible accurately and confidently.

    Many leaders have minimal or no theological training and there are very limited resources for teaching and discipleship training. LEARN will equip 1300 Church leaders who will receive tablets loaded with a project specific app, 30-40 books and other resources.

    LEARN is a Serving In Mission (SIM) registered project (ref. 96396). For more details visit the SIM website.

    Donate Today

    You can be part of the LEARN project by donating money to purchase tablets, solar chargers and micro SD cards.

    Donate £10 for a micro SD card

    Donate £50 for a solar charger

    Donate £120 for a computer tablet

    To learn more about the project please contact Rev Mark Armstrong at or by using the form below. Please note that our new website is coming soon.

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