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Downloading Resources
Last Updated 4 years ago

Although you may able to preview a resource it may not be available to use until you download it to your device. Please follow these instructions to download/save resources.

  1. Open the LEARN app and tap on Resources. Alternatively try to open a resource and tap the 'OPEN RESOURCES' button
  2. Find the resource you wish to download/save to your device and tap on the image or title to view its options
  3. Tap the Mark For Download orange cloud button
  4. The button will change to say Sync To Download and turn yellow
  5. Tap the Sync To Download button to open the Sync screen
  6. Make sure you're connected to the Internet then tap the sync button. This will download each resource you've marked and may take a few minutes to complete
  7. You should now be able to view and study the downloaded resources

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