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How to contact LEARN Support
Last Updated 6 months ago

If you require assistance with your Electronic Pastor's Study Library or the LEARN app, please contact LEARN Support by following the directions below:

  1. Contact your in-country support liaison via WhatsApp

  2. If you do not have WhatsApp or you cannot get in contact on that platform then use the LEARN Global Support ticketing system -

    Create a new ticket or log in to reply to an existing issue. Do not start a new ticket for each reply, just for different issues

  3. You can email LEARN Support at

    Please ensure that you use your own email address and do not send messages from your tablet email app. All tablets are set up to use a shared email so everyone in your region will receive your replies

  4. Use the Support screen within the LEARN app

    This works alongside the LEARN Global Support ticketing system and you can view all replies to the conversation within the app and create new responses

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