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How to update the LEARN App to the latest version
Last Updated 2 years ago

Note: you need to have Internet access and be online.

To update to the new LEARN Global Android app version please follow the instructions below. Alternatively, watch the video tutorial on YouTube

Instructions are also found in the Help section in the app under 'Syncronize Data & App Updates'. Please note some of the training received regarding updating is now superseded by these instructions so please follow them carefully:

  1. Connect your tablet to the Internet
  2. Open the LEARN app. If you cannot open the app due to a crash please contact LEARN Support stating this is so
  3. Tap the Sync button then the button to begin the sync
  4. If you experience any issues syncing please STOP AND CONTACT LEARN SUPPORT. Please let us know any error messages that are shown
  5. Once all data has synced successfully return to the tablet main screen (by pressing the middle circle button at the bottom)
  6. Open the Google Play Store app (blue/red/green/yellow arrow button)
  7. Swipe from the left of the screen to the right. A menu will appear on the left
  8. Tap 'My Apps & Games'
  9. After a few seconds a list of available updates will be shown. One will say LEARN Global. Tap the 'Update' button beside it. If the app is not there you either have already updated to the latest version of the app already or the app is not installed (view the 'Reinstall App' FAQ)
    Note: the size of the app will be approximately 18-20mb
  10. The new version will take a few minutes to download depending on your Internet connection
  11. Once downloaded the app will install and then a button will appear called 'Open'. Tap it
  12. The new version of the app will open. A message asking you to Please Wait will appear followed by a screen showing new features
  13. Tap next then next then finish to go to the Portal screen. All the new features are now accessible including viewing resources you have recently opened
  14. Tap the Sync button then synchronize. This will ensure all data is up-to-date and will download any new resources, Bible versions etc.
  15. If the app crashes or you experience problems please contact LEARN Support with details of what happened

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